Survey - Airway and Rural Anaesthesia

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I recently attended a GP-anaesthetists conference in NSW - an excellent event, organised through the NSW Rural Doctor's Network, comprising sessions in the sim lab, lectures and case discussions.

One thing struck me - the diversity of equipment available to rural doctors. Whilst the FANZCAs were telling us that it's indefensible not to have kit like suggamadex, fibreoptic scopes etc immediately available, the reality of small rural hospitals is that (a) we don't have the equipment and (b) we don't do enough to keep skills up to date

However, there is some kit that is essential - I think that an iLMA and videolaryngsoscope are probably going to be standard on any difficult airway trolley, and particularly like the idea of using a malleable fibreoptic stylet to intubate through an iLMA (eg: Bonfils, Levitan or AmbuAscope)

But in order to drive change, we need to know what's going on 'out there'

Here's how you can help - fill in the survey at the following link - it'll take perhaps 5-10 minutes of your time...and one lucky rural doctor will even win two day's accommodation on glorious Kangaroo Island.

Plus you'll be helping improve standards in rural Australia...

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