22 Sept 2012

This site has moved to www.kidocs.org - check it out for FOAMed resources for rural doctors

Well, KI Docs has been up and running for a year now and hosted on the Blogger interface. Although it's been fairly easy to use, one of my major gripes has been the inability to post content for sharing with other Rural Docs - videos, podcasts, PDFs and presentations.

Discussing interesting cases, talking about aspects of emergency medicine, anaesthesia and critical care relevant to rural medicine has been a real bonus of using the blog-o-sphere. Reading existing blogs from the likes of Casey Parker, Minh le Cong, Cliff Reid, Scott Weingart and those eccentrics over at LITFL has inspired me to re-examine the way I practice medicine and try to keep abreast in my particular areas of interest (mostly rural trauma management).

The concept of FOAMed (Free Open Access Meducation) is one to be embraced. But in order to participate, I need to be able to share files with anyone who stumbles across this blog. Moreover, it's a good way to disseminate info.
Jump in and enjoy the FOAM

So I've moved over to - kidocs.org

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